Oil Balancing Anti-Pollution Mask

Deep cleaning your face can do wonders for your complexion, especially if you have oily skin and clogged pores. In the past, I did not take to masks, but since living in London where pollution is high, I knew my face needed some TLC. Pollution and diet are two things that can dramatically affect your face. What you eat, drink, breathe in, and absorb into your skin can cause wrinkles, breakouts, unbalanced skin, irritations and more. That’s why it’s important to take care of your diet and health and have a skin care regimen that also nourishes your skin on the outside.

My number one combat to a good healthy skin is diet, but in addition to healthy eating, I focus on adding good products to my skin care regimen. In the past year, I started using a mask to help with deep cleansing. The mask I have a healthy obsession with is Sukin Charcoal Face Mask, and I use it twice a week. This mask works great for oily skin, helping detox out impurities from the environment. Without any harmful chemicals, this anti-pollution mask contains bamboo charcoal as the key ingredient. Charcoal helps detox, and with other ingredients like rooibos and willow herb, this concoction refreshes the skin. Also in the mask are bilberry and pomegranate extracts which help tighten the pores and balance the skin. Every time I use this mask at nighttime, the lavender in there is relaxing, making it a great use before bedtime. After 15 minutes on, I rinse with a cloth and use a toner and moisturize as normal. My face is left feeling soft, moisturized and super clean. I like this mask so much now that I can’t see not using a mask in my skin care routine. I don’t know if I’ll use this mask forever, but in the meantime, it’s my go-to, and I’ll definitely be using masks from here on out.

Sukin’s Charcoal Face Mask is suitable for normal skin and especially oily skin. If you want a mask that works without costing too much, give Sukin a try.

Note: This honest review is purely based on my own use and experience.


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